Casula Colossi – Giant Flowerpot Scheme for Casula Railway Station
Dr Sally Gray is a creative thinker whose self-crafted career has been independent and inventive. She is currently a writer, curator, artist, concept developer and creative producer with projects realised, nationally and internationally, under the umbrella of the arts consultancy she founded in May 1994.
Sally, Gray, Sydney, Artist, Curator
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Casula Colossi – Giant Flowerpot Scheme for Casula Railway Station

Casula Station

Casula Colossi – Giant Flowerpot Scheme for Casula Railway Station

In 1997 Sally Gray and artist Ron Smith were invited to respond to the character and history of the site of Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Western Sydney; to develop a concept for a public art work. Researching the layered stories of the riverbank site, they focused on the early twentieth-century Pleasure Gardens, which predated the building of the 1950s coal-fired electricity generator. Inspired by the Australian vernacular style of the Pleasure Gardens’ structures and recycled tyres used as decorative planters on regional railway stations, they developed an assertive, welcoming scheme for the Casula Station adjoining the Arts Centre.



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