The Full Spectrum: The Cultural Politics of Colour
Dr Sally Gray is a creative thinker whose self-crafted career has been independent and inventive. She is currently a writer, curator, artist, concept developer and creative producer with projects realised, nationally and internationally, under the umbrella of the arts consultancy she founded in May 1994.
Sally, Gray, Sydney, Artist, Curator
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The Full Spectrum: The Cultural Politics of Colour

The Full Spectrum PosterWhen Sally Gray was a young humanities student she read Robin Boyd’s very influential book – on Australian architecture and taste – ‘The Australian Ugliness’. Boyd advocated avoiding coloured ‘features’ in interior and exterior architecture. Wondering what the fuss was about Sally set out to understand why full spectrum colour was associated with ideas of ‘bad taste’. Later as a curator and cultural historian she began to see fear of colour as a form of cultural limitation, almost like xenophobia. Sally discussed the political and cultural implications of colour avoidance or what David Batchelor has called ‘Chromophobia’.



Justin Huntsdale (2018) “The politics of colour: How Australia learnt to embrace the bold and bright” ABC Illawarra 4 Apr 2018