Dr Sally Gray is a creative thinker whose self-crafted career has been independent and inventive. She is currently a writer, curator, artist, concept developer and creative producer with projects realised, nationally and internationally, under the umbrella of the arts consultancy she founded in May 1994.
Sally, Gray, Sydney, Artist, Curator
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On 19th July 2018 Sally Gray was In Conversation with Jason Smith, Director Geelong Gallery – about her book Friends Fashion and Fabulous: The Making of an Australian Style – at the Geelong Regional Library and Heritage Centre, the ARM-designed “magic dome”.


Sally Gray (2018) “Researching the Visual, The Personal and the Political”. Invited presentation to the international symposium: “Fashion Studies: An International Perspective”, University of Technology, Sydney, April 7, 2018


Sally Gray (2018) “The Full Spectrum: The Cultural Politics of Colour”. Public lecture, Wollongong Art Gallery, Wollongong. April 4, 2018


Sally Gray (2018) “ Unpacking Theory and Visualising Research”. Guest Lecture, University of Technology, Sydney, April 3, 2018


Sally Gray (2018) Co-presenter and co-designer, “Future Arts Leaders” program, The Australian Council for the Arts, Byron Bay, April 12-16, 2018


Sally Gray (2017) “David McDiarmid: Artist Activist”, lecture to launch David McDiarmid’s ‘Rainbow Aphorisms’ in the Public Realm, London, November 2017


Sally Gray (2017) “Radical Hope – What is Leadership?”, part of ‘Future Leaders Program’, Australia Council for the Arts, Geelong, Victoria, August/September 2017


Sally Gray (2017) “The Political Economy of NOW”, part of ‘Future Leaders Program’, Australia Council for the Arts, Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland, April/May 2017


Sally Gray (2017) “The Stereotype Threat”, part of ‘Future Leaders Program’, Australia Council for the Arts, Gold Coast hinterland, Queensland, April/May 2017


Sally Gray (2016-17) “Hand and Heart Shall Never Part: The Fashion Collaboration of Linda Jackson and David McDiarmid”, guest lecture series, University of Wollongong, and public curator talks, Wollongong Art Gallery, Sept 2016- February 2017


Sally Gray (2016) “A Course In Looking”, convenor and presenter, invited peer-to-peer object study with Roger Leong, Centre for Fashion, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, August 2016


Sally Gray (2016) “Curating as Creative Proposition”, Part One of “What is Curatorial Knowledge?” a three part presentation with Roger Leong and Laura Jocic, at ‘Fashioning Museums’ Conference, ANU Canberra, February 2016


Sally Gray (2015) ”Taste, Fashion and Grayson Perry” Public Program ‘Subversive Tour’ of Grayson Perry My Pretty Little Art Career, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney December 17 2015


Sally Gray (2015) “Men, Fashionability and Fabulousness”, panel presentation at ‘Men and Fashion: Contradiction or New Reality’, The Centre for Fashion, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Sydney, Tuesday August 4, 2015


Sally Gray (2014) “David McDiarmid Material and Idea”, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, May 2014


Sally Gray (2013) “The Creative City: Clarence Chai and Melbourne”, part of ‘Producing Fashion: Melbourne/Antwerp’, RMIT, Melbourne, September 18, 2013


Sally Gray (2012) “A Tale of Two [or three or four] Cities: Sydney Fashionability in the 1970s and 80s”, part of  ‘Stitches In time: [AD]Dressing History’, State Library of New South Wales, September 11, 2012


Sally Gray (2012) “Some Rooms: Art Space and the Decorative in the Urban Queer World-making of David McDiarmid and Friends”, AAANZ conference, Sydney, July 2012


Sally Gray (2012) “Clarence Chai: A Life in Fashion” National Gallery of Victoria, curatorial symposium, June


Sally Gray (2010) “Hand and Heart: Crafting Australian Fashion in the 1970s and 1980s”, AAANZ conference, Adelaide, December 2010


Sally Gray (2010) “Fashionability: Europe/Asia”, symposium, Institute of Advanced Studies, Warwick University, Coventry UK, May 25 2010


Sally Gray (2007) “[You Make me Feel] Mighty Real: David McDiarmid’s Art and the Space Within [the] House”. Queer Space: Centres and Peripheries conference, (Eds Naomi Stead, Jason Prior) UTS Sydney, February 20-21 2007


Sally Gray (2008) “Art, Craft, Fashion and Funk”, AAANZ conference, Brisbane, December 2008


Sally Gray (2008) “Africa, America, Britain, Australia: A Journey in Textiles”, curator talk, Wollongong City Gallery, February 2008


Sally Gray (2007) “Shaft’s Leathers: The Masculinity of John Shaft in Gordon Parks’1971 film, Shaft”, Fashion in Fiction Conference May 26-27 2007, UTS, Sydney


Sally Gray (2007) “Lost in Music: Art and the Underground Dance Club”, guest lecture, Menzies Centre for Australian Studies, Kings College, University of London, January 10, 2007


Sally Gray (2006) “Cruising Urban Space; The City and the Queer Performative in 1970s and 1980s New York”, guest seminar, UTS School of Design, September 4 2006


Sally Gray (2006) “Down on the Street: The idea of “America” in David McDiarmid’s Life and Work”, Transnational Lives, Humanities Research Centre conference, Canberra, 26-28 July 2006


Sally Gray (2006) “Public Art and the Public”, guest speaker, D-Factory design series, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, November 2006


Sally Gray (2006) “Queer Space: The Case of the Paradise Garage”, Society of Architectural Historians of Australia and New Zealand Annual Conference Freemantle, 2006


Sally Gray (2003)  “Connecting the Dots: Heritage, Identity, Interpretation and Cultural Planning – Looking at Wollongong and the Illawarra Escarpment”, Australia ICOMOS annual conference, Telling Tales: Interpretation in the Conservation and Design Process, Sydney, November 2003


Sally Gray (2003)  “Cultural Brokerage at Wollongong, Australia”, guest speaker, Creative Places and Spaces conference, Toronto, Canada, October 2003


Sally Gray  (2003) “David McDiarmid: A Life in Fashion – the Artist as Performative Persona”, Making an Appearance: Fashion Dress and Consumption, conference, University of Queensland, July 2003


Sally Gray (2003) “Design and Tasmania”, guest speaker, Leading Voices design seminar, Arts Tasmania, Hobart, February 2003


Sally Gray (2002)  ”In the Realm of the Lotus”, artist talk, Wollongong City Gallery, April 2002


Sally Gray (2001) “Sydney Airport Public Art Program”, guest lecture, Business Faculty, University of Technology Sydney, February 2001


Sally Gray (2001) “Sydney Airport Public Art Program”, public lecture, Architecture Faculty, University of Sydney, March 2001


Sally Gray (2000) “Sydney Airport Public Art Program”, public lecture, COFA, UNSW, October 2000


Sally Gray (1999) “A Summer Place”, curator talk, Manly Museum and Art Gallery, September 1999


Sally Gray  (1999) “China ’78: A Political Romance”, curator talk, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 1999


Sally Gray (1998) “Designing Australia: Modernity and the Stamp”, curator talk, Australia Post, Melbourne


Sally Gray (1998) “Public Art: Partnerships, Principles, Processes and Practicalities”, Arts Law Centre of Australia, Public Art Conference, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, June 1998


Sally Gray (1998) “David McDiarmid – Artist-Transgressor”, SWISH conference, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney, February 1998


Sally Gray (1997) “Exhibiting Meaning: The Creation of Cultural Meaning Through Exhibition Development and Design”, Cultural Crossroads conference, Sydney, November 1997


Sally Gray (1997) “Collecting Difference – Operation Dragnet (Sylvia and the Synthetics collecting initiative) at the State Library of NSW” Museums Australia Annual Conference, Sydney, November 1997


Sally Gray (1997) “Resonance Refraction and Reflection: Exhibiting Social History”, Museums Making Meaning, Museums Australia State Conference, Sydney September 1997


Sally Gray (1996) “Aboriginal Reconciliation and Exhibiting Cultures”, Australians for Reconciliation Conference, Bathurst, NSW, October 1996


Sally Gray (1996) “Ways of Seeing: Aboriginal Viewpoint in Exhibitions of Australian Historical Materials”, Royal Australian Historical Society Annual Conference, Orange, NSW, October 1996


Sally Gray (1995)  “Exhibiting Surprise and Complexity: The New Museology and Beyond”, Museums Australia Annual Conference, Brisbane November 1995


Sally Gray (1995)  “Exhibiting Culture to the Year 2000 and Beyond”, guest speaker, State Library of NSW, Management Scenario Planning Conference, Sydney, October 1995


Sally Gray (1994)  “Culture and Futures – Beyond the Year 2000”, guest speaker, staff Enrichment conference, Methodist Ladies College, Melbourne, May 1994


Sally Gray (1992) “David McDiarmid and his Kiss of Light Works”, tour for Young Members Group, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Syme Dodson Gallery, Sydney


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