Regional Cultural Enrichment + The Creative Library
Dr Sally Gray is a creative thinker whose self-crafted career has been independent and inventive. She is currently a writer, curator, artist, concept developer and creative producer with projects realised, nationally and internationally, under the umbrella of the arts consultancy she founded in May 1994.
Sally, Gray, Sydney, Artist, Curator
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Regional Cultural Enrichment + The Creative Library

Regional Cultural Enrichment + The Creative Library

Yarrila Place, Coffs Harbour – creative conceptual development

Entrance to library

I was delighted to attend the launch of Yarrila Place, Cultural and Civic Centre, at Coffs Harbour in September 2023, by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. It’s so gratifying to see ideas I’ve been involved in helping to develop now realised in material form, with all the important community benefits that Yarrila Place offers. The impressive and inspiring building – Yarrila means ‘illumination’ in the local Gumbungirr language – was designed by Matthew Blair of BVN Architects to house Coffs Harbour Gallery, its Library and Museum as well the flexible multi-purpose Council Chamber and Council offices. The original creative thinking and strategic visioning for the centre was done by Project Sisu, with Annie Talve doing the bulk of the research and writing. My input was the initial creative concept development and strategic thinking. The report which resulted from this work – ‘Catalyst for Culture, Coffs Harbour City Council’s Library, Museum, Gallery Strategy Planning Project’ – won the 2020 Arts and Culture Award from Local Government NSW.


Sally Gray

Following the successful take-up of the report Creative Communities: The Cultural Benefits of Victoria’s Public Libraries, (research and writing Annie Talve and Sally Gray, State Library of Victoria  and Public Libraries Victoria Network, Melbourne 2012) it was time to run some workshops on how Victoria’s public libraries could maximise their creative potential, especially after the release of Creative Victoria’s Creative State Strategy in 2016. Working with Annie Talve of Project Sisu, Sally co-designed and co-presented five workshops for Library staff and senior Library leaders through May to September 2018. Sally’s presentations on ‘What is Creativity?’ focused on radical inclusion, democratising the concept of creativity and opening up possibilities for creative ideas and activities at all levels.



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